Diana Colton Says “We Could Do More Sex Stuff”


Watch the original video on Fapcat.comJames Deen and Diana Colton just finished having sex. Diana is sitting on the edge of the bed while James is in the bathroom. As he returns, the two have a little bit of conversation of what they are planning to do next since no one wants to leave just yet. Diana didn’t even think twice and answers honestly. She says she wants to fuck, again. As if saying that once today isn’t enough and satisfying. James thinks it is a good idea and gives her what she wants. He leans in and gives her a peck on the lips. She answers back by passionately kissing him on the lips, letting him know that she definitely wants more. They lie on the bed, facing and kissing each other. He just couldn’t keep his hands to himself he caresses her whole body. He rests one hand into her clothed pussy before getting her panties off to fingerfuck her until her pussy is wet. Diana then returns the favor as James removes his trousers. She takes his full-length inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until his big cock is hard and ready to fuck for the second time. She then hops on top of him, slowly inserting his big hard dick into her wet and tight pussy. She is getting turned on even more by feeling her pussy open up and adjust to the size of his penis. She crazily fucks him in the cowgirl position. She keeps riding his cock until he reaches his peak. James Deen pulls out his throbbing dick from her wetter and tighter pussy knowing that he is about to come anytime. He then thrusts his big cock into her mouth until he orgasms. He kisses Diana Colton on the lips as he releases his cum onto her natural tits.