Sex is a great thing, I think we can all agree on that. But, if you’re the type of person who only practices vanilla sex, you’ll find in time that you can actually get pretty bored from that, which is very reasonable. That’s why in these modern times, you have people that like to switch roles during sex, meaning that guys become massive sluts and let themselves be used and abused, and you also get women who just love to be the strong person in the relationship, and they love to dominate. And when you combine that, you get a perfect CFNM couple that’s about to have some great fun. From then on, everything is fair game. Men sucking clits like they are hypnotized, dressing themselves in various odd BDSM suits, ready to be spanked and ready to be fucked. And on the other side, you have women finally letting all of their aggression get out of them, being ready to literally hunt, fuck, and dominate any guy that crosses their path. Sexual liberation is cool, and guys can be sluts and girls can fuck them and use them however they want. And that is just hot and really amazing.