Club Dom is one of those websites that has a hidden gem. Sure, it comes across as your basic Dominatrix website with a heavy dose of BDSM, but it’s also got a big focus on cock and ball torture. This is what we’d consider a pure fetish site – not a lot of storyline outside the bondage scenes. Instead, what you get are realistic looking guys getting bound, beaten and milked until they can’t take any more.

It’s easy to fall for one or two of the Dommes on They’re gorgeous Mistresses, fully in control and oozing with sex. If you find yourself in that position, you can always click on the performer’s name, which will bring up all the clips and videos of her on the site. With more than 2500 videos and more than 250 photo galleries, the submissive man is sure to find quite a few scenes that can be added to that Wank Fodder folder.

Some of the fetishes found on the site include caning, orgasm denial, forced feminization, anal training and forced bisexuality. Most of the penetration happens when these amazingly talented Tops strap on a silicone cock and take away their slave’s anal cherry. But every once and a while, one lucky sub gets to get a dildo strapped to their face, foot, or hand and help their Mistress along to her own orgasm. There are a good selection of outdoor scenes as well, adding in a pony or farm play aspect to the site. You’ll even get into some of the more lesser-known acts like sounding, forniphilia and water torture.

These aren’t mild fetish scenes by any stretch of the imagination. These submissive men are getting what they deserve at the hands on experienced Dominatrixes at