Ever have that dream where you go to a nude beach, but you’re the only one there naked? For some guys, this isn’t a nightmare, but a fantasy they’d die to try out! The folks at BeachCMNF.com have just that – a place where couples go to enjoy the sun and the sand, but the guys MUST not be clothed at all. Oh, and did we mention they’re on display for all the other ladies to see?

Sure, they might arrive at the beach in their swim trunks, but as soon as their female companions give the orders, they’ve stripped down and got their hard cocks out for the crowds. Sometimes it’s just the two of them, hiding in the dunes, while other men are paraded in front of barely-legal teens for their inspection.

One of our favorite parts of BeachCMNF.com are the voyeur / hidden camera scenes. In these, the poor guy who’s naked as the day he was born is subjected to the comments of the clothed ladies passing him by. Sometimes they’ll compliment, but other times, they’ll outright degrade and knitpick the guy’s body. All of them get a full view of the naked man’s hard cock – displayed as it should be! At the same time, his girlfriend or wife sits by, taunting and teasing him.  It’s cringe-worthy but oh so satisfying at the same time.

The level of servitude in these clothed female naked male vids varies. For the most part, the domination relies on embarrassment and voyeurism. But, there’s also a collection of videos that have the naked man serving his Domme at the beach while others look on. There’s no penetration in these videos. It’s more of a mild form of domination, not your all out BDSM type material.