Hot is a rather broad category, especially in the adult entertainment industry, but almost everyone can agree that CFNM girls are exceptionally hot. It is somewhat easy to have a petite, naked teen giving a sloppy blowjob or being fucked hard, or to have a busty MILF expose her breasts on camera and to find all of that hot, but it takes a lot of skill, sensuality, and seductiveness for a lady to be just as hot, if not even more, while still wearing all of her clothes. These dominant women simply radiate sexiness and men will do anything in their power to just have a taste of what they have to offer. These ladies are confident in their beauty and know their bodies are undeniably hot underneath all those clothes so they have no need to show or prove anything. The restraint they show remaining dressed even while giving a blowjob or being caressed or fondled, or removing just enough when they want to be fucked while still keeping everything else covered, adds a dose of mystery and unavailability which, in turn, makes them more desirable. And removing even one extra article of clothing makes her ten times hotter.