One of the main and strongest trump cards women have over men is their boobs. Ladies are well aware of all the power their boobs can have when seducing and dominating slaves and they use it to their advantage as much as possible. They are familiar with how easy it is to tease a man with a pair of boobs so they exploit that weakness. Girls with smaller boobs love to wear kinkiest and tightest lingerie, leaving their slaves constantly wanting for more and making them eager to obey every command hoping they’d get a glimpse of those tiny breasts. However, those ladies that have larger, and even very big boobs, oftentimes have no need to show them at all. Any type of clothes they wear shows a massive pair of boobs beneath and immensely sparks men’s imagination. These mistresses know they don’t have to show their big boobs ever and men will still be completely obedient. They will happily enjoy busty female’s chest through clothes hoping they will sometimes get the chance of playing with those big boobs. Luckily for those slaves, some women don’t keep them waiting for too long because they enjoy their boobs played with.